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Russell was saved while a student at the University of Nebraska.  After that he went to Bible college where he met his wife, Margaret.  When they graduated they moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota where he studied at Central Baptist Seminary.  He graduated from there in 1966.  While in seminary he felt the Lord's calling to go as a missionary to Argentina.  To get more experience, he accepted the pastorate of a small church in Iowa for three years.  After that they started raising support to go to Argentina.

Russell and Margaret George came to live at Missionary Acres in June of 2006.  Russell has written four books in Spanish.  He is working on another one.

The Georges have six children.  Three are involved in Missionary work.  One son, Brian, is a missionary in Argentina.  Another son, Calvin, is a missionary in Puerto Rico.  Their daughter, Debra, helps with the work in Argentina.  Their son, Kevin, has secular work in Texas.  Darrell is in the Border Patrol in Arizona.  Their youngest, Priscila, married an architect.  They are helping in one of the churches in Argentina.