Ron & Joy Hemsworth have been in the pastorate for twenty-six years. They were appointed by Baptist Mid-Missions to Missionary Acres in Silva, Missouri in 2014. They have three adult children and two who are still at home. God has called them to serve on staff at Missionary Acres to help pastors, missionaries, and career Christian workers who are in their retirement years. Ron & Joy speak in churches and various ministries (camp, VBS, retreats, etc.) passionately sharing God's Word and the ministry of Missionary Acres.


Once the Hemsworths have raised their support, they will move to Missionary Acres and begin their ministry. In preparation for that, volunteers are needed to work on a house being remodeled for them.  If you can help, please contact Ken Moon.

Our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, commanded that His church preach the gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15). Since the issuance of this great commission, the good news of salvation by faith alone through Christ alone has been proclaimed across the globe by His followers. In particular, pastors, missionaries, and career Christian workers have dedicated their lives to this mission.   While some went to far away places and still others stayed in the United States, these soldiers of the faith have lived sacrificially by faith believing that God would meet their needs. Many of God's full-time laborers are retiring to find that living expenses are high, what they had saved is stretched thin, and today life expectancy is longer.   

One of the most significant challenges facing retirees is the cost of housing.   "Make sure your house is paid for" is often the advice given from financial advisers in preparation for the golden years.   Christian workers, however, sometimes face special circumstances in meeting this challenge. Some pastors lived in parsonages during their ministry and were not able to glean equity from a generous housing market.  Some missionaries had support to live in less expensive places of the world but upon returning to the United States have discovered that the cost of living has greatly increased in their absence.   

With these unique challenges facing career Christian workers, God has provided Missionary Acres as an option. For over five decades, Missionary Acres in Silva, Missouri has provided affordable housing for them in a secure, beautiful setting. We are raising support as Baptist Mid-Mission missionaries to serve at Missionary Acres. The need for additional staff is great! Would you pray that God would raise our support quickly? We are prayerfully seeking individuals and churches whom God is directing to support this needed ministry.