Missionary Acres Associate Missionaries


Grayson and Myra Nantkes live on a farm in southwest Minnesota, raising corn and soybeans. They were involved in volunteer work close to home on a limited basis for a time. When they first heard about the need for workers at Missionary Acres, in the fall of 2008, they really were not very interested because it was so much farther from home. After thinking and praying about it through the winter, they decided to come down to Missionary Acres for a week in March of 2009. They wanted to see what Missionary Acres was all about! After meeting Ken and Lynne Moon, and many of the residents and staff, it really didn’t take long for them to decide that the Lord was calling them to a new adventure and part time ministry.

Their desire is to serve the Lord, whether at home in Minnesota farming and being involved with the work of their home church, Immanuel Baptist at Westbrook, Minnesota, or being on staff at Missionary Acres and working with the wonderful people here. 

In 2014, Grayson and Myra were accepted by Baptist Mid-Missions as Associate Missionaries to serve here at MA. This represents a step of faith and a further commitment by the Nantkes to the ministry of the Acres. Please pray for them as they balance the needs of their farm in MN with their ministry here at the Acres. 

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