Jack and Doris both were born to farm families in Southern Ontario, Canada.  They were married in 1943 and in 1944 Jack found himself in Jamaica with the Canadian military.  He returned home in 1946 and the Lord led them to four years of study at London Bible Institute.  Following graduation in 1952 they went to Jamaica as missionaries.

By this time they had been married for nearly ten years and had no children.  They adopted a four year old girl from a German settlement and then in December 1953 had a baby boy who only lived a few hours.  They have said, "The Lord took the first fruits and restored us four-fold", as from 1955 to 1960 the Lord gave them two girls and two boys.  They are all seeking to serve the Lord.  

In 1976, the Lord brought them to Missionary Acres, where Jack helped in building and developing Missionary Acres.  Their testimony is that they have never ceased thanking the Lord for bringing them to the Acres.

On April 1, 2013, Jack McKillop was called to his eternal home. Jack and his dear wife Doris were just a few months short of their 70th wedding anniversary. Jack was 92 years old.

While serving in the Canadian army during WWII, Jack was stationed in Jamaica. It was to this island that God would call the McKillops to serve. Jack had skills in construction that he gladly used for the Lord. Jack helped build churches and a Bible college in Jamaica both spiritually and physically. Jack’s trowel and brick hammer used in Jamaica still hang in their garage as a reminder of his hard work for the Lord.