Volunteer Missionary Acres Staff


Bill Hayes, born in Mannington, West Virginia in 1935, graduated with an Bachelor of Arts degree from Fairmont State College in West Virginia.  Later, he finished a Masters of Science degree from Westminster College in Willington, Pennsylvania.

Bill married Glenda Smith in 1958 and the Lord gave them two sons. He taught industrial arts and drafting in Lisbon, Ohio from 1957 to 1963. He also worked with disturbed teenagers in the city of Wooster a the Boys Village in their special education program.


In 1986, his wife of 28 years, went home to be with the Lord.

Bill retired from his job in 1987 and worked at his church for a year. He attended evening school at Moody Bible Institute from 1989-1990 and earned an advanced student placement.

Bill is a member of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in Smithville, Ohio. Bill called MA one day in 1997 looking for a place to bring a work team from his church. He returned the next year with another team and the rest is history. Bill returned on his own to help finish the project the team had been working on. He asked Ken Moon one day “If I move here, could you keep me busy forty hours a week?” Since then, he has put in more than his forty hours a week! Since 1998, he has been faithfully serving here at MA as a staff member! Even though Bill is in his eighties and has had a stroke, “Wild Bill” (as all the teen groups nicknamed him) is still going strong! All who live here praise the Lord for Bill and his faithful service to Christ!