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Ken & Lynne Moon

Resident Administrators

Welcome to
Missionary Acres

Thank you for visiting our website and learning more about this special ministry called Missionary Acres.  We, here at Missionary Acres, are pleased to provide this website for your information.  We trust that you will find answers to your questions as you review each page.  The Lord certainly has been good to us, here at the Acres, which is a unique ministry of Baptist Mid-Missions of Cleveland, Ohio.

Our goal as administrators is to be a blessing to each one we serve.  We want Missionary Acres to be a place that meets the needs of our retirees and gives a sense of security, safety and serenity.  We truly are blessed to live in a place where all share the common interest and goal of living for Christ and honoring Him.  We have a wonderful family atmosphere at the Acres.

It is our desire to serve you also.  Won't you please come to see us sometime and find out if this is the place where God would have you live and serve Him in your retirement years?